Commission Status - OPEN!

Hello, my name is Astraeus but you can call me Astra! I am a Filipino and I go by He/Him pronouns. I draw anthros, humans, monsters, and other various stuff.
As of writing this on 20/05/23 I am the most active on FurAffinity! Though feel free to follow me on other sites.


Commission Status - OPEN!

Commission Info

Full Render$25$35$50
  • I will do: Anthros, Ferals, Monsters/Body Horror, Humans/Humanoids, Slight gore, Fandom, Relationships

  • I won't do: NSFW/Fetish/Suggestive, Extreme gore, Real people, Hateful or offensive art

  • 20% off for commissions that let me be experimental with brushes or colors!

  • We can discuss prices for commercial use.

I have every right to decline a commission if it makes me uncomfortable or otherwise

Terms of Service

  • Always credit me for my art. Do NOT claim my art as your own.

  • NEVER use my art for NFT or AI.

  • No refunds after sketch.

  • I will post the commissioned art onto my socials and use it as commission examples. If you are not comfortable with this, please notify me.

  • I need a visual reference in order to work, if you only have a textual reference I may need to decline the commission. However if you want, we can discuss prices for a reference sheet or a custom design.


  • Estimated time of arrival is about a month or less, however it is likely to be earlier than that. If you need it done by a specific deadline please tell me.

  • My preferred mode of communication is through Discord! But if you prefer something else I may be able to adjust with that.

  • Payment through USD on Paypal Invoice or Ko-fi ONLY. If you live in the Philippines, I'm willing to take payment through GCash.

If you have any questions and if you're interested, contact me! I am very active on my Discord (Astraeus#6608)